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Reference number: 99

Business Analyst

Shared Services Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Remote Work Allowed

BETA / Pilot Project

Basic Information

Annual Salary Range

$70,439 - $86,213

Language Requirement

English essential


6 months

Security Clearance


Target Start Date

November, 2019

Government Classification



Shared Services Canada (SSC) delivers digital services to Government of Canada organizations. We provide modern, secure and reliable IT services so federal organizations can deliver digital programs and services that meet Canadians needs.

Our goal is to deliver Shared Services Canada’s (SSC) Information Technology services to government departments (our clients) as quickly and as efficiently as possible in order to support our clients in the successful delivery of their programs and services to Canadians. Client satisfaction is an SSC top priority. Our business line is Data Centre Services (hosting), however, our services are tightly integrated with Network and Security services, providing a continual learning environment opportunity in the delivery of Information Technology services.

In this role you will be responsible for assisting in the management of business request performance.

Your Work

  • Requirements analysis, definition and data analysis of key performance indicators (KPI) for business request delivery.
  • Performing detailed reporting and analysis of business request delivery performance (KPIs) for the purpose of recommending improvements.
  • Design and develop performance reports, dashboards and data sets for publication in SAS Analytical tools (SAS Visual Analytics Designer; SAS Visual Data Builder; SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office).
  • Automate the publication of performance reports and dashboards.


Education Requirements

2 years post-secondary education, or equivalent experience

Successful completion of two years of post-secondary education in computer science, information technology, information management or another specialty relevant to this position; or

Equivalent experience:
If you have on-the-job learning or other non-conventional training that you believe is equivalent to the 2-year post-secondary requirement, put it forward for consideration. The manager may accept a combination of education, training and/or experience in a related field as an alternative to the minimum post-secondary education stated above.

Need to Have

  • Analytical Thinking

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to absorb information and apply logic to identify underlying considerations and patterns, spot connections, and develop insights that advance the understanding of the subject at hand.

  • Data Analysis

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

  • Qualitative Analysis

    Level Required: Basic

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to collect and utilize qualitative data along with quantitative data to tell a story and support decision-making.

  • Business Analysis

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to analyse stated business requirements and mapping to the appropriate information technology services required.

  • Ability to Work on a Distributed Team

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to communicate and deliver work in a way that engages team members in other locations. Ability to use online tools to collaborate with co-workers in other locations, including project management software, chat and video chat tools.

  • Ability to Learn Quickly

    Level Required: Moderately in Evidence

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to rapidly pick up new skills and competencies, and apply them in a work situation. Ability to apply curiosity and cognitive abilities to find new approaches to advancing work when existing skill sets are insufficient.

  • Dependability

    Level Required: Strongly in Evidence

    Defined as: Being reliable, responsible and fulfilling obligations; demonstrated by being good at estimating timelines, clear on what you can deliver, ensuring things get done, and communicating in advance when there are issues or delays

Nice to Have

  • Written Communication

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to craft ideas and discussions in a clear, logical written progression that allows readers to understand and use the concepts shared.

  • Empathy

    Defined as: Being able to put themselves in the shoes of people with a very different mindset and set of priorities

  • Client Services

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and respectfully with service users, promoting client satisfaction, resolving issues and ensuring that the service is used effectively.

  • Collaboration

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with others to advance initiatives and build bridges within and across teams, generating mutual trust and respect.

  • Integrity

    Defined as: Treating all those in the work environment with fairness, courtesy and respect for differences; performing the job in a manner that upholds the public trust and values co-workers.

Language Requirements

English Essential

This position requires fluency in English in both written and verbal communication. As part of the assessment of your language abilities, the hiring manager may ask you to complete some assessment steps in English, such as interview questions or an exam.

You can submit this initial application in either official language of your choice (English or French).

Team Culture

Your Manager

Robert Gourgon

Senior Advisor at

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Work Environment

Remote Work

Work from anywhere, all the time.



Work from home some days (within driving distance of the office).


Flex Hours

Set your own start and end times.



See more of Canada or the world.



Work extra hours in the evenings/weekends.


Apply Now

Please advise Talent Cloud at of any accommodations you may require during the application process.

Preference will be given to veterans and to Canadian citizens, in that order.

Competition closed