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Reference number: 92

Data Management Specialist

Public Health Agency of Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Remote Work Not Allowed

BETA / Pilot Project

Basic Information

Annual Salary Range

$70,439 - $86,213

Language Requirement

English essential


12 months

Security Clearance


Target Start Date

December, 2019

Government Classification



The Public Health Agency of Canada empowers Canadians to improve their health. In partnership with others, its activities focus on preventing disease and injuries, promoting good physical and mental health, and providing information to support informed decision making. It values scientific excellence and provides national leadership in response to public health threats.

The Data Hub was launched in September 2018 – our vision is to ensure that health professionals, policy practitioners and the general public have access to timely and high-quality public health data that can be used to inform decision-making and action. It also seeks to ensure that public health data is at the cutting-edge through data science and technology.

The Data Coordination and Access Program (DCAP) is placed under the Data Hub’s Data Management & Strategy stream. DCAP’s mission is to ensure that PHAC employees have access to the tools, databases, frameworks and mechanisms they need to use and manage data properly and effectively in order to support public health surveillance and the development of policies, programs and knowledge products grounded in scientific evidence and analysis.

As a core member of the DCAP team, you will be contributing to supporting the Agency’s data management (e.g. data acquisition, processing and validation) to enable Agency colleagues to have the right information to support informed decision-making.

Your Work

  • Maintain PHAC’s centralized data repository of health-related data sets including processing and validating data from the two main data providers (Statistics Canada and Canadian Institute for Health Information).
  • Streamline the preparation and validation of data sets in the repository.
  • Maintain and enhance a custom-built web-enabled SAS-based data access application. This application, with its custom-built reference codebooks and health-related datasets, facilitates the data extraction and analysis of health data for PHAC employees.
  • Maintain the reference codebooks and standards associated with each data file in the data extract application (e.g. International Classification of Diseases (ICD)).
  • Provide guidance and support about the data extract application to our clients.
  • Advise on and contribute to the development of a plan for a new technical infrastructure for public health data at PHAC.


Education Requirements

2 years post-secondary, or equivalent:
Successful completion of two years of post-secondary education in computer science, information technology, information management or another specialty relevant to this position.


Equivalent experience:
If you have on-the-job learning or other non-conventional training that you believe is equivalent to the 2 year post-secondary requirement, put it forward for consideration. The manager may accept a combination of education, training and/or experience in a related field as an alternative to the minimum post-secondary education stated above.

Need to Have

  • Data Analysis

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions, and supporting decision-making.

  • Database Design & Management

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Knowledge and demonstrated ability to apply the methods, practices and policies that are used in the design and the management of databases.

  • Stakeholder Relations

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly with stakeholders and negotiate outcomes in collaboration with partners, advancing common goals through collaboration and skilled communication.

  • Analysis

    Level Required: Intermediate

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to collect and utilize qualitative and quantitative data to make design decisions.

  • Results-Oriented

    Level Required: Moderately in Evidence

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to focus efforts on achieving quality results consistent with the overall vision.

  • Collaboration

    Level Required: Moderately in Evidence

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with others to advance initiatives and build bridges within and across teams, generating mutual trust and respect.

Nice to Have

  • Attention to Detail

    Defined as: Being careful about detail and thorough in completing work tasks. Demonstrated ability to perceive pertinent detail in verbal or tabular material; to observe differences in copy, to proofread words and numbers, and to avoid perceptual errors in arithmetical computation.

  • Database Programming Tools

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to use and work in data programming tools, such as SQL, NSQL, Excel, or other ETL (extract, transform, load) tools.

Language Requirements

English Essential

This position requires fluency in English in both written and verbal communication. As part of the assessment of your language abilities, the hiring manager may ask you to complete some assessment steps in English, such as interview questions or an exam.

You can submit this initial application in either official language of your choice (English or French).

Team Culture

Your Manager

Cathy Oikawa

Manager at

I like to empower employees to achieve results and I strive to remove obstacles and barriers that prevent quality work from being accomplished. I like providing my team the space they need to succeed, and I work hard to foster a fun work environment where everyone is respected and valued.

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Work Environment

Remote Work

Work from anywhere, all the time.

Not Allowed


Work from home some days (within driving distance of the office).


Flex Hours

Set your own start and end times.



See more of Canada or the world.



Work extra hours in the evenings/weekends.


Apply Now

Please advise Talent Cloud at of any accommodations you may require during the application process.

Preference will be given to veterans and to Canadian citizens, in that order.

Competition closed