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Reference number: 103

Senior Communications Advisor

Department of National Defence

Kanata, Ontario

Remote Work Not Allowed

BETA / Pilot Project

Basic Information

Annual Salary Range

$89,415 - $96,461

Language Requirement

Bilingual - Advanced


6 months

Security Clearance


Target Start Date

January, 2020

Government Classification



The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces implement government decisions concerning the defence of Canadians' interests at home and abroad.

The Communications team works in collaboration with DND's Public Affairs and our clients to provide communications support to our Branch. We provide advice, guidance and the planning and coordination of communications activities to support HR programs, policies and initiatives within the civilian HR organization as well as to the entire Defence Team.

This position looks after a wide array of components within the Communications team. The Senior Communications Advisor manages the operations of 4 pillars - Phoenix, Web, Issues Management, Graphic Design/Multimedia. Each pillar has its own team. The Sr Comms Advisor reports to the Comms Manager on the ongoing operations and ensures projects are implemented and deadlines are met. The Sr Comms Advisor also develops/reviews communications plans and strategies based on project requirements. Attendance at senior level meetings is also a requirement to provide guidance and recommendations on communications approaches to directors and senior management.

Your Work

  • Managing a team of 4 Communications Advisors
  • Provide guidance and recommendations to management and executives on desired outcomes and optimal communications approaches for digital/web/mobile/social media and other platforms.
  • Develop/review/implement communications plans and strategies based on project requirements.
  • Report to Communications manager on all operations and provide situational reports to ensure deadlines are met and projects are executed properly.
  • Contribute expertise to creative brainstorming and concept development meetings, generating creative ideas to help increase digital channel performance and engagement.
  • Manage/review digital content for internal and external audiences, including web content, social media posts, video scripts, etc.
  • Lead the planning and implementation of digital content campaigns which drive engagement brand awareness and increase audience reach.


Education Requirements

A degree from a recognized post-secondary institution.

Need to Have

  • Verbal Communication

    Level Required: Lead

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to share concepts, coordinate work and advance goals through discussion. Ability to deliver messages with clarity. Ability to listen well and translate what is heard into meaningful next steps.

  • Written Communication

    Level Required: Lead

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to craft ideas and discussions in a clear, logical written progression that allows readers to understand and use the concepts shared.

  • Initiative

    Level Required: Deep Level Demonstration

    Defined as: Willingness to take on responsibilities and going above and beyond to take on challenges.

  • Results-Oriented

    Level Required: Deep Level Demonstration

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to focus efforts on achieving quality results consistent with the overall vision.

  • Strategy Development

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to identify specific objectives, then set achievable goals, identify priorities, allocate energy and resources, and work with stakeholders to work towards intended outcomes/results, while assessing and adjusting the organization's direction in response to a changing environment.

  • Analytical Thinking

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to absorb information and apply logic to identify underlying considerations and patterns, spot connections, and develop insights that advance the understanding of the subject at hand.

  • Community Engagement

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate with a community of interested parties or stakeholders.

  • Digital Communications

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to communicate with clarity and professionalism across a wide range of online channels, such as but not limited to website, blogs, and social media.

Nice to Have

No additional criteria required.

Language Requirements

Bilingual - Advanced

This position requires advanced knowledge of both French and English. This means that you can take on job duties in either French or English, and you have strong reading, writing and verbal communication skills in both official languages. As part of this selection process, your language abilities will be tested by the Public Service Commission of Canada.

You can complete all other steps of this assessment process in the official language of your choice, including the initial application, interview, exam and any other evaluation components.

Team Culture

Your Manager

Sharon Cardiff Pilgrim

Communications Manager at

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Work Environment

Remote Work

Work from anywhere, all the time.

Not Allowed


Work from home some days (within driving distance of the office).


Flex Hours

Set your own start and end times.



See more of Canada or the world.



Work extra hours in the evenings/weekends.


Apply Now

Please advise Talent Cloud at of any accommodations you may require during the application process.

Preference will be given to veterans and to Canadian citizens, in that order.

Competition closed