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Reference number: 101

Senior Developer

Transport Canada

Ottawa, Ontario

Remote Work Allowed

BETA / Pilot Project

Basic Information

Annual Salary Range

$83,147 - $103,304

Language Requirement

Bilingual - Intermediate


12 months

Security Clearance


Target Start Date

November, 2019

Government Classification



Transport Canada works to serve the public interest through the promotion of a safe and secure, efficient and environmentally responsible transportation system in Canada.

Transport Canada (TC) needs to provide external clients with the ability to access regulatory services online by developing a robust departmental platform for online services. Digital delivery will also reduce administrative burden for inspectors by increasing their mobility and access to data and information by articulating business architecture to define similarities across programs and prioritizing the capabilities to be built.

As a member of a dynamic SCRUM team you’ll be responsible for implementing platform features and onboarding services and processes that will fundamentally change the way Canadians interact with the Department and help further mobilize Transport Canada Inspectors.

As new transportation systems (i.e automated vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles) are advancing at a rapid pace, the challenges of overseeing the safety and security of the Canadian transportation system will continue to increase.

Transport Canada recognizes that with complexity and pace of change, departmental transformation is required to better support timeliness, flexibility and innovation. A key initiative of the Transformation Agenda is the delivery of several digital transformation projects that, while each have significant technical components to them, they each pose great business implications:

myTC Account: a new service delivery channel that will provide Canadians with better access to regulatory services enhanced through an online platform.

As a developer on our team, you’ll support the design, development and implementation of the myTC Account key project to further modernize and digitize transportation safety and security for Canadians.

Your Work

  • Work in Agile environment with multiple deliverables and provide complexity estimates and task breakdown in Sprint planning.
  • Support the SCRUM master in leading the technical team and share knowledge and mentor junior team members.
  • Design and code the user interfaces such as web forms following Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat standards.
  • Design and develop supporting .net classes and oracle stored procedures.
  • Develop automated test scripts for continuous builds, as well as design and refactor code to achieve high performance.
  • Package the application for deployment, as well as prepare and maintain technical documentation.


Education Requirements

2 years post-secondary education:
Successful completion of two years of post-secondary education in computer science, information technology, information management or another specialty relevant to this position; or

Equivalent experience:
If you have on-the-job learning or other non-conventional training that you believe is equivalent to the 2 year post-secondary requirement, put it forward for consideration. The manager may accept a combination of education, training and/or experience in a related field as an alternative to the minimum post-secondary education stated above.

Need to Have

  • MVC

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with ASP.NET MVC, a web application framework developed by Microsoft, which implements the model–view–controller (MVC) pattern.

  • EF6 (Entity Framework 6)

    Level Required: Advanced

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with Entity Framework (EF), an open source object-relational mapping (ORM) framework for ADO.NET.

  • Ability to Work on a Distributed Team

    Level Required: Basic

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to communicate and deliver work in a way that engages team members in other locations. Ability to use online tools to collaborate with co-workers in other locations, including project management software, chat and video chat tools.

  • Ability to Learn Quickly

    Level Required: Strongly in Evidence

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to rapidly pick up new skills and competencies, and apply them in a work situation. Ability to apply curiosity and cognitive abilities to find new approaches to advancing work when existing skill sets are insufficient.

  • Collaboration

    Level Required: Strongly in Evidence

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with others to advance initiatives and build bridges within and across teams, generating mutual trust and respect.

  • Integrity

    Level Required: Strongly in Evidence

    Defined as: Treating all those in the work environment with fairness, courtesy and respect for differences; performing the job in a manner that upholds the public trust and values co-workers.

  • Initiative

    Level Required: Moderately in Evidence

    Defined as: Willingness to take on responsibilities and going above and beyond to take on challenges.

Nice to Have


    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work under Scrum, an Agile framework for complex projects that helps break down a project into tangible goals through daily meetings, detailed project timelines, and identification of potential project roadblocks.

  • Azure DevOps

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with Microsoft’s Azure DevOps, which covers the entire application lifecycle, and enables DevOps capabilities.

  • N-Unit Testing

    Defined as: Demonstrated ability to work with N-Unit, an evolving, open source framework designed for writing and running tests in Microsoft .NET programming languages.

Language Requirements

Bilingual - Intermediate

This position requires working knowledge of both French and English. This means that you can take on job duties in either French or English, and you have intermediate reading, writing and verbal communication skills in both official languages. As part of this selection process, your language abilities will be tested by the Public Service Commission of Canada.

You can complete all other steps of this assessment process in the official language of your choice, including the initial application, interview, exam and any other evaluation components.

Team Culture

Your Manager

Heather MacKeen

Director at

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Work Environment

Remote Work

Work from anywhere, all the time.



Work from home some days (within driving distance of the office).

Almost Always

Flex Hours

Set your own start and end times.

Almost Always


See more of Canada or the world.



Work extra hours in the evenings/weekends.


Apply Now

Please advise Talent Cloud at of any accommodations you may require during the application process.

Preference will be given to veterans and to Canadian citizens, in that order.

Competition closed