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Talent Cloud

How we're taking steps towards an Indigenous Talent Portal

BETA / Pilot Project

By designing an Indigenous portal, Indigenous applicants can reclaim their stories and find opportunities for career mobility.

Indigenous Talent Portal

A recognized space for Indigenous talent.

The platform will provide a space to browse jobs within the Public Service designated for Indigenous talent.

Users can also create a profile to showcase their unique set of skills acquired through ancestral knowledge, and through mainstream pathways.

For the Indigenous community by the Indigenous community.

A platform is being developed FOR the Indigenous community - BY the Indigenous community - to reclaim our stories and to reset the way Indigenous talent is valued.


We're aiming for Fall 2020.

Our timelines depend on the success of our community engagement, securing an upgrade to our new cloud server environment, and the team's Privacy Impact Assessment.

What's being worked on right now?

We're engaging with Indigenous voices.

This engagement seeks to reach out to as many Indigenous perspectives as possible. If you're willing to share your insights and feedback please click here to get in touch with us. All perspectives are welcome.

What Talent Cloud is Doing

  • User research on Indigenous Talent Portal: an early prototype is under development and user testing from the Indigenous community is ongoing.
  • Discussions and suggestions concerning self-identification are ongoing.
  • We are developing pilots for recruitment of Indigenous talent.
  • Talent Cloud is working towards a marketplace which gives applicants the chance to claim the skills they want, but requires a certain level of evidence and validation. The design will also be applied to the Indigenous Talent Portal to help address accountability to claims and recognize Indigenous talent in an important way.

What Talent Cloud is Supporting

  • Talent Cloud fully supports the Indigenous Languages Act.
  • Talent Cloud is supporting policy work led by the Indigenous Federal Employees Network (IFEN), which examines the various challenges concerning official language requirements as a barrier to career mobility, specifically for Indigenous talent within the Public Service, and proposes alternative solutions.
  • Talent Cloud is also looking at curating pilots around alternative language requirements.

Who is leading this work?

Meagan Commonda

Meagan is an Anishinabekwe from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg.

She is Talent Cloud’s Indigenous Community Liaison and has been working closely with the local Indigenous community during the development of the portal. Meagan holds a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree in Aboriginal Studies and Sociology from the University of Ottawa and has 13 years of experience working in the Public Service. She is also on a learning journey about her People’s traditional medicines and is an avid beader.

How Meagan Works

Half of Meagan's schedule involves working remotely from her community.

Meagan reaches out to the Indigenous community through talking circles, and discussions with community members about what an Indigenous talent portal needs. She listens to concerns and suggestions regarding Indigenous issues and ensures they are reflected in the development of the portal.

Connect: Email Twitter

Goals & Approach

The goals are to improve the hiring process for Indigenous talent, while contributing to raising Indigenous representation within the Public Service.

The approach is to address a few of the barriers, which have been outlined by Indigenous people through reports, and community engagement circles.

How can you get involved?

We welcome and encourage any and all contributions from the Indigenous community. While engagement has initially comprised mostly with the local First Nations voices around the National Capital Region, we are seeking further guidance and participation from the Inuk and Metis communities, as well as from the regions. If you would like to participate in a demonstration of the Indigenous Talent Portal, or if you have any thoughts/concerns, please contact us.

Further Information

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