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Talent Cloud User Guide

BETA / Pilot Project

For Applicants

Things to Know

Employee Benefits

When you’re thinking about where to apply for a job there are several factors to consider. Salary, location, fit, and passion for the work are all important. Another super important factor is the employee benefits that are available. Unfortunately, if you’re a part of the estimated thirty-percent of Canadian employees who work in the gig economy, you’re likely working without that safety net. Many of those workers are right here at the Government of Canada (one of the largest employers of gig workers in the country), and what’s great is that if you hold a term position you can access many of the same benefits as indeterminate employees.

All jobs posted on Talent Cloud are for term positions. That means you are a Government of Canada employee for the duration of your contract. Term positions provide paid holidays and vacation leave, and offer you protection by making some benefits mandatory. The information below will be correct for most jobs posted on Talent Cloud, but we recommend asking the hiring manager, or using the first two letters in the government classification on the job poster to find the collective bargaining agreement that applies to the position. And, you can always find more information about the public service pension and benefit plans at

Here’s what you should expect...

The summary above is for information purposes only and is not a legal document on your rights and obligations. Should there be any discrepancy between the information above and that contained in the Public Service Superannuation Act and related regulations or other applicable laws, the legislative provisions will apply. Similarly, should there be any discrepancy between the information above and that contained in the group insurance benefits plan provisions, insurance contracts, or collective agreements, the plan provisions, insurance contracts or collective agreements will apply.

How You Can Speed Things Up After Applying

All Government of Canada employees are required to pass reliability security checks and many will require secret level clearance. This involves giving fingerprints, having a criminal record check and a credit check. These functions are conducted by authorized security officials in Government (not Talent Cloud).

All this can take a while.

Want to speed this up?

There are 2 things you can do:

  • Fill out the papers you'll need to submit in advance
  • If you've lived out of Canada, read below

If the job you've applied to requires Reliability Level security, complete the form found here and then hold onto it. Once complete, don't email it to Talent Cloud until you get asked for it.

If the job you've applied to requires Secret Level security, you'll need to complete both a Reliability Clearance form and a Secret Clearance form. Once these two forms are complete, don't email them to Talent Cloud until you get asked for them.

If you've lived outside of Canada for more than six months in a row in the last 5 years (10, if your job requires secret clearance) then you'll need to provide an "out of country" criminal record check. This can take a while, as it depends on procedural timelines of the country you've lived in. Applicants can request this "out of country" criminal record check at any time, outside of any staffing process. This record is submitted from the applicant to the Government of Canada at the time of security screening. So if you've spent 8 months in South Africa or hung out in the Alps for a year or been at school in Australia, we suggest requesting your records up front. This can save you and your hiring manager a lot of time later. (And if a particular project-based position starts at fixed date, the lack of security clearance in time may force the hiring manager to select another candidate…)

How does Talent Cloud's Skill Recognition Model work?

How do I know what level my skills are at?

Talent Cloud's Skills Model

Rather than defining experience by how many years you've done something, Talent Cloud looks at a person's ability to do the job under various conditions of complexity and autonomy. Basically, your level is determined by how challenging a task is, measured against how much help or supervision you require to complete it. This approach acknowledges that people will learn skills at different rates and will show strengths in different ways.

Find your level: Hard Skills

Find your level: Soft Skills

For Hiring Managers

Key Information

What is Talent Cloud?

Talent Cloud is an experimental new staffing model for the Government of Canada, focused on bringing in high performing external talent for project-based work. It’s also the world’s first public sector marketplace for the gig economy, structured around next generation workers rights.

Talent Cloud is designed to significantly reduce time to staff, provide optimized applicant-to-team fit, and create a great user experience for everyone involved.

We’re working with hiring managers as we design the platform to ensure the choices are intuitive and that policies are respected without losing flexibilities where they exist.

The project is funded by partner departments and hosted by the Office of the Chief Information Officer at the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. For the current list of partner departments, check out the FAQ section of the Talent Cloud website.

While anyone can create an account and access the manager tools, only managers from partner departments can post jobs and track applicants on the Talent Cloud site.

Why should managers use Talent Cloud?

One main reason is that managers tell us they really like using the platform and those who’ve hired are thrilled with their candidates. The words “pleasant experience” come up fairly often.

All jobs posted on Talent Cloud are externally advertised term positions. There are a couple reasons for hiring a term:

  • Staffing during an election period, when you’re not sure what your budget might be next year
  • Program funding of limited duration (e.g. fixed term or sunsetting programs)
  • Special projects (e.g. DM task teams, innovation projects)
  • A specialist for a particular project phase (e.g. start/early project design - UX tester; mid-project development - programmer; project completion/communication - graphic designer; assessment - project evaluator)

How does using Talent Cloud speed up the selection process?

Using Talent Cloud speeds up the section process in several ways:

  • Smaller, stronger candidate pool. Behavioural design that returns 10-30 applicants that meet all the essential criteria. Managers report being able to do their initial screening in 2-3 hours of time.
  • Online tools directly on the platform
    • Job poster builder: Tool that allows managers to craft a poster and manager profile with ease. Process and design that allow managers to get a live poster (translated and HR approved) in 2 days.
    • Screening plan builder: Designed to help managers significantly accelerate the timeline for developing assessment plans and ratings guides with HR advisors.
    • Applicant tracking tool: Tracking and presentation design that rapidly allows managers to screen applicants who will advance to the next stage of screening. The tool also integrates and displays information like priorities and preferred groups for hires directly on the portal.

Who can post jobs to Talent Cloud?

Only managers from partner departments can post jobs to Talent Cloud. For the current list of partner departments, check out the FAQ section of the Talent Cloud website.

If you are from one of the partner departments, create an account on Talent Cloud's manager portal and send us an email at After we confirm with your department’s HR Superuser, you’ll be able to start using Talent Cloud for your term staffing needs!

My department is NOT a Talent Cloud partner, can I still use Talent Cloud?

Starting in October, Talent Cloud will be offering a limited set of tools to all Government of Canada managers. The tools available to these “demo” accounts include the job poster builder and the screening plan builder.

To create a demo account of your own, go to Talent Cloud's manager portal.

Talent Cloud is open to new partners. If your department is interested, email us at

Talent Cloud Partner Departments

What departments are participating in this experimental staffing model?

Talent Cloud is funded through Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with partner departments. This isn't a fee for service to staff using the platform. This is a group of departments co-funding an experimental alternative to the traditional HR model. Under this model, only partner departments may staff using Talent Cloud.

Partner departments with signed MOUs are:

  • Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (host partner)
  • Canada Border Services Agency
  • Department of Justice
  • Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Global Affairs Canada
  • National Research Council Canada
  • Public Services and Procurement Canada
  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police
  • Shared Services Canada
  • Transport Canada

What can managers use Talent Cloud for?

How Talent Cloud works - Job Poster

How Talent Cloud works - Assessment

If you have a less frequently asked question send it to or get in touch with us on Twitter @GC_Talent

Other Questions

For HR Advisors

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HR FAQ content for Talent Cloud is coming soon!